Welcome to NCAGD!  We hope you will join us in promoting and advancing the career of general dentists.  As a component of the national Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and California Academy of General Dentistry (CAGD), we aim to provide our members with quality continuing education courses, updates on rules and regulations in  dentistry, advocate for the betterment of oral health care in the communities, educate our patients of proper oral hygiene, and provide additional learning venues for our dental students.  We are the facilitators of the interdisciplinary team of doctors.  We are the coordinators of all the communications between your dental specialists.  With this in mind, NCAGD’s goal is to continually educate the facilitators with the most current research and materials to bring back to their office and become better dentists.

We operate based on our members’ needs and goals.  We believe in camaraderie and sharing of knowledge to allow everyone an opportunity to learn differently.  Our mission has always been to promote life long learners, even in retirement.  Thank you for stopping by our website.  We hope to have you join us and become a contributing member of this dental family.

-Thien H. Vu, DDS, MAGD